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Stage 6 Of Guild Quest

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Stage 6 Of Guild Quest Empty Stage 6 Of Guild Quest

Post by killerz2222 on Tue Jun 03, 2008 1:07 am

You need to belong to a guild and be inside a party with at least 6 people.

This is the final stage where party members will encounter the final boss, Ergoth.


Prepare all of the party's supportive skills before breaking the crystal on the throne at the right side of the map for Ergoth to be released.
Once prepared, break the crystal. Hidden Street wishes you all the best in fighting Ergoth.
Beware of its bodyguards too: Lion Statue A, Lion Statue B, Knight Statue A, Knight Statue B.

After you have killed Ergoth, proceed to the Bonus Stag

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Stage 6 Of Guild Quest Empty Killing Ergoth

Post by heartllian on Sat Jun 07, 2008 8:13 pm

I think here we have to depend on luck. But we definitely need a Dk, at least a maxed hb. I have no confidence in killing ergoth without killing the bodyguards. At least we have to take out the lion and knight nearer the front. They both have close to a million hp. With all of us and a Dk, we can dish out a minimum of 20k dmg. That take us about 50 hits to kill either lion or knight, give or take a few heals from ergoth. Ergoth has nearly 2mil hp. Take will take us awhile (about 100 hits) but if we have a Dk and concentrated attacks, i think we could manage.

It will be good to take about 300 melting cheese for warrior, bowman, and theif classes. Magicians could do with dews and elixirs (i don't know how much). But bishops and priests should bring more for healing purposes.

Good luck.


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