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Stage 2 Of Guild Quest

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Stage 2 Of Guild Quest Empty Stage 2 Of Guild Quest

Post by killerz2222 on Tue Jun 03, 2008 1:02 am

You need to belong to a guild and be inside a party with at least 6 people.

Hall of the Knight

In this stage, there are 4 rooms: Room A, Room B, Room C and Room D where a task has to be performed in each of the rooms.

Do take note that certain rooms require certain skills from party members in order to clear the stage. It is advisable for the leader to assign the party members with the appropriate skills to each room to minimise time wastage.

This stage basically requires party members to obtain 4 Longinus Spears to unlock the door and move on to the next stage at the bottom right of the map. To put the Longinus Spear into your inventory, press jump and then press the appointed key to pick up the item.


3 party members with good jumping skills are required as there are 3 sections of the jumping quest: Jumping Quest 1 (JQ1), Jumping Quest 2 (JQ2) and Jumping Quest 3 (JQ3).
Once the party member has reached the top, hit the chain until it is broken and take the Longinus Spear. There should be a total of 3 Longinus Spears in this room.


Attackers and probably 1 healer would be appropriate for this stage where the party members would have to kill Muscle Stones and Master Muscle Stones on the bottom and top platform to obtain 1 Key.

Muscle Stone
Master Muscle Stone


The Key will be picked up by one of the party member to unlock Room C (Room of Pledge).


Party member with any level of Dark Sight (Thief) and Teleport (Magician) skill is needed to clear this room. DO NOT TOUCH THE MUSCLE STONES ON THE TOP PLATFORM AS THEY DEAL A GREAT AMOUNT OF DAMAGE TO PARTY MEMBERS.
To unlock the door to this room, simply drop the obtained Key from Room B in front of the door and wait for about 3-5 seconds.
The Magician with the Teleport skill should teleport to the end of the map on the right at the bottom platform.
Once he or she reached the end of the map, hit the piled stones and box to obtain 1 Rusty Key.

Rusty Key

Teleport back to the left and pass the obtained Rusty Key to the Thief with Dark Sight. Make sure the Thief does not have the Longinus Spear in his/her inventory.
At the top platform, the Thief will have to use his or her Dark Sight skill and walk all the way to the end of the map on the right.
There will be a door on the right that is locked. Drop the Rusty Key in front of the door and wait for 3-5 seconds for the door to be unlocked.
Head into the room, hit the chain to break it and take the Longinus Spear.
Use Dark Sight skill again and head out of the room on the left.


4 party members with the Haste skill at max level and at least Level 17 Teleport skill is needed for this room. Also, make sure these 4 party members have Longinus Spears in their inventories.
This room is another jumping quest which has 4 sections: Jumping Quest 1 (JQ1), Jumping Quest 2 (JQ2), Jumping Quest 3 (JQ3), Jumping Quest 4 (JQ4)
2 party members with Haste skill should do JQ1 and JQ2.
1 party member should complete JQ3 by following the combination of 2-1-5-2-2-1-2 to reach the top.
1 party member with Level 17 Teleport jumps JQ4.
Once the party members reach the top, drop the Longinus Spear directly on the altar.

An earthquake will occur, which means that the door to the next stage has been unlocked. Move out to Hall of the Knight and head to the bottom right of the map to enter the next stage.

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