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Stage 3 Of Guild Quest

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Stage 3 Of Guild Quest Empty Stage 3 Of Guild Quest

Post by killerz2222 on Tue Jun 03, 2008 1:03 am

need to belong to a guild and be inside a party with at least 6 people.

Fountain of the Wiseman

As you enter Stage 3, you will encounter several Black Knights and Myst Knights. Kill them before you talk to Guard Statue.

Black Knight
Myst Knight

Guard Statue

Black Knight and Myst Knight will drop a total of 4 Badge Of Courage and 4 Wisdom Scroll.

Badge Of Courage
Wisdom Scroll

One of the party members should head up to the top left of the map into the Wine Cellar and hit all the boxes to obtain a total of 4 700-yr-old Jr. Necki Whiskey.

700-yr-old Jr. Necki Whiskey

On the other hand, the other party members should go to the top right of the map into the Center Banquet and hit the covered food to obtain a total of 4 Spoiled Food.

Spoiled Food

Once you have obtained all the items, drop any of the obtained items in front of the statue and get the correct combination to clear this stage.

Every failed try of the combination will spawn 2 Black Knights on either side of the map. Inform your party members to prepare themselves for the attack after each try.
If the combination is still wrong after 7 tries, a large amount of Black Knights and Myst Knights will spawn, and the entire combination will be reset.

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Stage 3 Of Guild Quest Empty Re: Stage 3 Of Guild Quest

Post by heartllian on Sat Jun 07, 2008 5:39 pm

When you kill the black nights and mist knights at the beginning, make sure someone picks up the badges and the scrolls. They will disappear after sometime if you do not.

Only the person who first pick up the item can pick it up again. So please listen to the guild leader when asked to take or drop any sacrifical item at the specific place. If not, it can cause unneccessary delays.


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