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Stage 5 Of Guild Quest

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Stage 5 Of Guild Quest Empty Stage 5 Of Guild Quest

Post by killerz2222 on Tue Jun 03, 2008 1:06 am

You need to belong to a guild and be inside a party with at least 6 people.

From Underground Water map (Stage 5)

Sharen III's Grave

In Sharen III's Grave, drop the collected items in front of the skull on the right side of the map in order:
Sharen III's Shoes
Sharen III's Pants
Sharen III's Top
Sharen III's Crown.

Wait for a few seconds, and Sharen III's Spirit will appear.

Sharen III's Spirit

Sharen III's Spirit will then break the sealed door. Enter the door to the next map.

In the next room, another door on the right side of the map is locked and can only be opened if one of the party members sacrifice himself/herself.
To sacrifice, one of the party members simply drop the Protector Rock in front of the door. The party member will then die instantly and the door will be unlocked. It is preferable to sacrifice the lowest level party member, ie: a less than Level 30 character.

Once the door is unlocked, enter the door to proceed to the final stage.

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