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Scroll price..

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Scroll price.. Empty Scroll price..

Post by ForsakenGift on Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:23 am

hey guys, ForsakenGift here, well maybe some know me some..well dun know me..anyway, i want to know some price scroll and hope to get the price ASAP...

Helm for INT 30%
Helm for INT 70%
Helm for ACC 30%
Helm for ACC 70%
Helm for DEX 30%
Helm for DEX 70%

Earring for DEX 30%
Earring for DEX 70%
Earring for INT 30%
Earring for INT 60%
Earring for INT 70%
Earring for LUK 30%
Earring for LUK 70%
Earring for HP 30%

Overall for LUK 10%
Overall for LUK 30%
Overall for LUK 60%
Overall for LUK 70%
Overall for DEX 30%
Overall for DEX 60%
Overall for DEX 70%
Overall for INT 30%
Overall for INT 70%
Overall for INT 60%

Face EQ
Face Eqp for HP 10%
Face Eqp for HP 30%
Face Eqp for HP 60%
Face Eqp for HP 70%
Face Eqp for EVA 10%
Face Eqp for EVA 30%
Face Eqp for EVA 60%
Face Eqp for EVA 70%
Face Eqp for Accuracy 10%
Face Eqp for Accuracy 30%
Face Eqp for Accuracy 60%
Face Eqp for Accuracy 70%

Bottomwear for DEX 30%
Bottomwear for DEX 70%
Bottomwear for JUMP 30%
Bottomwear for JUMP 70%
Bottomwear for HP 30%
Bottomwear for HP 70%

Topwear for STR 30%
Topwear for STR 70%
Topwear for LUK 30%
Topwear for LUK 70%
Shoes for JUMP 30%
Shoes for JUMP 70%
Shoes for SPEED 30%
Shoes for SPEED 70%
Shoes for DEX 30%
Shoes for DEX 70%

Gloves for DEX 10%
Gloves for DEX 30%
Gloves for ATK 30%
Gloves for ATK 70%
Gloves for INT 30%
Gloves for INT 70%
Gloves for HP 30%

Shield for WA 30%
Shield for WA 60%
Shield for WA 70%
Shield for MA 30%
Shield for MA 60%
Shield for MA 70%
Shield for STR 30%
Shield for LUK 30%

Cape for INT 30%
Cape for INT 70%
Cape for DEX 30%
Cape for DEX 60%
Cape for DEX 70%
Cape for LUK 10%
Cape for LUK 30%
Cape for LUK 70%
Cape for STR 30%
Cape for HP 30%
Cape for HP 70%

Belt for DEX 10%
Belt for DEX 30%
Belt for DEX 60%
Belt for DEX 70%
Belt for LUK 10%
Belt for LUK 30%
Belt for LUK 60%
Belt for LUK 70%

Claw for ATK 70%
Dagger for ATK 30%
Dagger for ATK 70%
Bow for ATK 30%
Bow for ATK 60%
Wand for MA 10%
Wand for MA 30%
Wand for MA 60%
Staff for MA 30%
Crossbow for ATK 30%
Two-Handed sword for ATK 30%

well, i think that's all...if i need anything more i shall put new post..=D
oh please do note, i dun sell stuff by trading, recently i have a store, pm ForsakenGift to know where is the store if u want to buy my items...=)

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Scroll price.. Empty Re: Scroll price..

Post by Cr0sssjh on Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:06 pm

mama gacha so many scroll~
sry ah..
i dont know scroll price deF4 Crying or Very sad

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Scroll price.. Empty Re: Scroll price..

Post by mabel on Tue Dec 22, 2009 12:57 pm

would you mind if i... erm.... ROB YOU? :]

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Scroll price.. Empty Re: Scroll price..

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